Free Travel Information About Portland and Salem, Oregon

For people who traveled in Northwestern America, Oregon is a state that shouldn’t be missed. With half of the state’s land under the jurisdiction of the United States Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management, the Willamette Valley is considered one of most fertile regions in the Northwest. Wine making has been part of this region in recent years, and you’d be remiss not to visit one of the beautiful wineries and sample a rich Pinot noir or chilled Riesling. The cities of Eugene and Corvallis are located in this area and provide bike paths around the universities. One attraction for theater lovers is the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland where many of the Old English plays are performed in period replica theater.

Moving south, you can fish for some trout in Crater Lake which is reportedly the deepest freshwater lake in North America. View the beautiful vistas of the Cascade Mountain range, then visit some of the Central region’s stunning national parks where outdoor activities are plentiful. A key attraction is the Newberry Volcanic Flow Monument which contains an abundance of obsidian crystals and geodes.

Eastern Oregon has long been a part of American history due to the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Lighthouses dot the coast and are a must see attraction. The Oregon coast boasts mild temperatures nearly year round, which make whale watching an ideal activity. Hell’s Canyon offers white water rafting for the adventurous. After a busy day, make sure to stop for amazing fresh seafood caught straight from the Pacific.

Before traveling to Portland, stop in the Hood River Valley where Mount Hood and The Columbia Gorge provide a wonderful photo opportunity. The beautiful Columbia River winds through this area as you head to Portland. The Portland Metro is a vibrant place where a multitude of artistic and cultural activities can be found. Take in an art exhibit at the Portland Art Museum, or stroll through the Victorian architecture of the Pittman Mansion.

Many family friendly activities are also found in Oregon. The Oregon Zoo with its vast array of animals is an experience that never fails to please. Peace and tranquility reign supreme at the Portland Classical Chinese Garden with its ponds and flowering cherry trees. Those of all ages will enjoy the music of the Oregon Symphony at the Portland Performance Center of the Arts.

Oregon offers incredible natural beauty with a vast array of activities. From the charm of its small towns to its gorgeous coastline, stunning mountains, and bustling cities, Oregon has something for everyone. Indulge your adventurous side and make Oregon your next vacation destination

Travel Information For Thailand

Thailand is the most popular destination in Southeast Asia. Millions of travelers from all over the world visit this beautiful country which is renowned for its hospitality, Buddhist temples and breathtaking natural beauty. Thailand has something to offer to everyone irrespective what your tastes are.

The best time to visit Thailand is from February to March when the weather is perfect and the time is ideal to have a wonderful beach holiday. July to November can be uncomfortable since the rainy season starts in July and goes on till November. During this period, the weather can be unpredictable and extremely humid and sticky.

The peak tourist seasons are August, November, December, February and March. Air tickets to Thailand in the peak season are extremely expensive and it is a good idea to book tickets well in advance so that you can avail cheap fares. The secondary peak months are in January and July.

For those who want to save on money, the best time to visit Thailand would be during the off peak months of April, May, June, September and October. You will not only save money on air fare but you will save money on accommodation. During off peak season, discounted rooms are widely available. Even in the peak season you can get a good deal if you avoid the regular tourist spots like Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket.

Once you are in Thailand, all you need to do is relax and enjoy your holidays with the exotic Thai cuisine, the breathtaking natural beauty and the magnificently architectured temples

Astral Travel Information and Techniques

Astral travel refers to an astral body traveling in the astral plane. The astral body is the supersensible body. Sometimes, it is called the spiritual body. The supersensible body separates from the physical body. This activity is astral projection. After projecting the astral body can travel great distances and in alternate planes. Through the years, this phenomenon has become an increasingly popular subject. There is an abundance of astral travel information available online and off.

Historical evidence indicates the practice of astral travel in ancient times. Some practitioners point to several biblical verses that seem to reference the supernatural happenings. Many experts believe that it is a natural skill that has existed throughout time. Experts state that everyone is born with the ability to perform astral travel.

Proponents of this phenomenon state that the activity is useful and provides several benefits. Travelers can gain insight regarding past, present, or future events from their experiences. It is not possible to make any actual, physical changes regarding past events. Many practitioners and experts report meeting with people who had previously died. Also, it is not unusual to meet other travelers during a journey.

Often, travel occurs while the traveler is asleep. These journeys are, frequently, mistaken for very vivid dreams. However, it is possible to learn to project and travel at will. Many people use their ability to travel to as a learning experience and to increase awareness of the physical realm. Although travelers can learn from their experience, experts do not advise using dream interpretation books. Dreams are individual and unique, like people.

Astral travel can be accomplished through various methods. Traveling during dreaming is the most common form. Avid practitioners and experts can travel anytime. With practice, anyone can learn to project and travel whenever, and wherever, they desire. Beginners can find a vast amount of advice and helpful astral travel information on the internet.

When attempting projection, an appropriate environment is required. The setting should be peaceful and comfortable. Select a quiet room or secluded area. The room should be a comfortable temperature and have little or no light. There should be no distractions or noise. The experient must be completely relaxed. Many travelers use binaural beats or synchronic recordings to achieve the proper state of relaxation.

It is important to be well rested before attempting projection. It is not a good idea to try projecting during stressful times. Anxiety will impede projection attempts. Some experts advise people to eat foods that are light for about twenty four hours prior to projection. Practicing meditation or yoga may be helpful, as well.

Some people find it difficult to achieve projection due to their underlying fears. Often, inexperienced experients are afraid of what may happen in the astral realm. Some people are afraid that they will get hurt while traveling. Others are worried that they will not be able to return to their physical body and the physical realm. These fears are unwarranted. Experts state that no harm can come to the traveler’s astral or physical body. And, the astral body will always return to the physical body. Many practitioners and experts refer to a silver cord that connects the two bodies.

Astral travel is an exciting phenomenon. Anyone interested in learning more about this topic can find a lot of guidance and helpful tips by searching online. There are many books, articles, and other resources for discovering astral travel information

Faro Portugal Travel Information

Faro Travel Advice and Information for the best use of your rental car.

Faro, the sleepy and tranquil gateway to the Algarve is located on the southern tip of Portugal next to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. It is a great place to visit to wind down, or more popularly used as a base for those looking to travel to the many fine resort towns along the Algarve. Those even more adventurous or with a thirst to travel can even drive into Spain to make the Costa del Sol part of their holiday, enjoying your car hire and heading to Gibraltar, Marbella, Malaga and beyond..

Faro has much to offer, great weather and beautiful beaches with superb waterfront restaurants and bars. All year round sunshine means the average winter day is between 15-20 Celsius, while summer averages 25-30 Celsius.

After flying into Faro Airport it is then a 4.5 mile trip into town.
We recommend booking car hire to be collected from Faro Airport, as you will find the use of a rental car will take a lot of pressure off having to rely on public transport during your trip.

Hotels and Museums
The town has many great hotels on offer for those looking for a luxury stay, through to more humble self-catering arrangements. Once settled in, Faro boasts three museums in a range of areas; The Maritime Museum, along with the Archeological and Ethnographic (or Human Culture) Museums show some great history of the local area, more of which can also be seen by taking a casual walk around the town. The city walls, of Roman origin, will lead you to the old Roman square, once site to the Roman forum, a cathedral and palace. One place that is a must see is the Cappella dos Ossos, a chapel with a chilling choice in decor. Cappella dos Ossos translates to the Chapel of Bones, and that’s just what you’ll see. Over 1,000 monks became part of this spectacle with the entire interior being covered with bones and skulls, something that has to be seen to believed.

Lovers of the great outdoors, nature and ornithology must visit the 170,000km sq nature reserve based around the Ria Formosa Lagoon. With hundreds of types of bird alone this is a great spot to see such wealth of life, especially during the spring and autumn migrational season.

Super Beaches
Beaches are essential for the majority of holiday makers, and Faro has some great beaches to offer. Again we recommend the use of car hire in Faro to get about as the beach is located around 4 miles from the town. Along the Algarve most of the beaches are found on sandbanks and require a short ferry journey to visit. Faro is one of the rare places where the beach can be reached on foot. On a sandbank itself, Faro’s beach can be accessed via a small rope bridge, which once crossed gives you fine gold sand, clear waters and plenty of space and solitude to relax with a cold drink and a book whilst working on your tan.

Water Park
Those with families looking for a fun day out should take a trip to ‘The Big One’ water park. A perfect way to have a good time and cool down on a hot day, and highly likely to be a highlight for children.

Other Towns nearby
With Faro being the gateway to the Algarve, we do recommend you visit some of the many other resort towns on offer especially if you have taken advantage and booked car hire in Faro. With each town offering something a little different in both culture and entertainment. Vilamoure is closest, being less then half an hour’s journey from Faro. Albuferia will take less then an hour to travel to, with Portimao and Praia da Rocha both taking around an hour and a quarter. Lagos is the longest journey but at under two hours it is still close enough to make a comfortable day trip without having to spend too much time traveling

Mackinac Island Travel Information

Mackinac Island is one of those vacations that you have to take at least one time. There is such a peaceful feeling when you step off of the ferry and on Mackinac Island dock. You can take Sheplers ferry, Starline Ferry or Arnolds ferry and have a fantastic ride over to the Island. Sit on the upper deck and see the beautiful views or sit on the bottom deck in the enclosed cabin.

When you step off the ferry you will smell the sweet aroma of fudge and be drawn to the fudge shops like Ryba’s fudge, Murdick’s Fudge, or May’s candy shop. There is a total of six fudge shops on the island. There are also many shops to visit while you walk downtown. Pick up a souvenir, t-shirt or a toy for your little one. The shops are filled with many neat items, and you will find something that you can’t live without.

After you are done exploring downtown there is Fort Mackinac. The Fort is one of my family’s favorite historical places to visit. Everything comes to life when you enter the fort. You will hear rifles firing, cannon balls, and see solder’s in action. It is very interesting to watch what happened back then and to explore the buildings that are apart of the fort.

The Grand Hotel is another nice place to visit. It is a historical hotel that was one of the firsts on the island. You can tour the hotel for a charge, but it is worth it to see. Go out to the garden and if you paid to tour the Fort, then you can go to the Fort Mackinac Tea Room for lunch in the Grand Hotel.

There are no vehicles on the island so you will have to take a horse drawn carriage, bike or walk to get around the island. Take a day and spend it exploring the island and visit Arch Rock and many more attractions while you are exploring.

There is so much to do you will not get bored. If you like history and enjoying just kicking back and relaxing then this is a great vacation to take. It is one of our family’s favorites and we can’t wait to go back